Mahad Farrukh Project (MFP) is a collaboration and experimentation-based venture. Originally from Pakistan and currently based out of B.C. Canada, Mahad draws inspiration from a variety of genres including progressive rock/metal, classic heavy metal, pop, experimental electronic, and jazz fusions. Apex EP, aimed at supporting independent artists and bringing together musicians from different locations and backgrounds, was set in motion during the early days of the pandemic. While Mahad has led the project, composed the music and played a variety of instruments on the record, the right kind of talent has been engaged to execute the remaining critical pieces. The music is as varied as the skillset of the artists involved who have fused it with their own thread of curiosity and creativity. Each track being different from the preceding one, Apex EP stands on its own and keeps the element of surprise alive. The music with it’s catchy riffs, exhilarating build ups, and Iron Maiden inspired epic guitar harmonies, is just the right combination of uplifting, vivid, melancholic and soothing experience. Listen to it when you want to escape from the clutter…

~Written by Sidla Nasir


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